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Fighter Street is an online, multi-level role-playing game. Be the best Fighter of the Street! Three different type characters - fighters - can be controlled during the whole game, having different capabilities and talents. The overall purpose of the game is to develop fighters, gain experiences and achieve the highest levels. It won’t be easy! During challenges and actions our fighter gains experience points (XP) and if we collect a certain amount of XPs, we can enter into the next level. New missions and challenges are waiting for us using new weapons and new talents.

Try it if you like the challenges, the excitements. You lose nothing, the experience guaranteed! Good luck.

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Welcome Fighters! We open our gates for every challenged visitor! Don't waste your time! Register easily and totally free! For more information and guide, ask some help on our Forum, or read the Game Info above! Good luck, and good fight! new parter:Find Mining Equipment of all metals This site is listed under Computer Games Directory

bazza - 10.09.2009

"What weapons belong in each weapon category?"
Batting weapon: brass knuckles, truncheon, steel baton, baseball bat Cold steel: knife, Japanese sword, chainsaw Handgun: pistol, uzi Long gun: shotgun, M16, sniper, minigun Incendiary bombs: molotov cocktail, grenade, bazooka
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OMG! This is an amazing game! :D
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It's hard! I don't understand a lot of things. HELP! :D
It's good for one.
I am curious about the future of this game. It's pritty!


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