Part I.: Introdution
Part II.: Attributes of the fighter
Part III.: Data
Part IV.: Facilities
Part V.: Others
Part VI.: Impressum

Part I.: Introdution

Fighter Street is an online, multi-level role-playing game. Be the best Fighter of the Street! Three different type characters - fighters - can be controlled during the whole game, having different capabilities and talents. The overall purpose of the game is to develop fighters, gain experiences and achieve the highest levels. It won't be easy! During challenges and actions our fighter gains experience points (XP) and if we collect a certain amount of XPs, we can enter into the next level. New missions and challenges are waiting for us using new weapons and new talents. Try it if you like the challenges, the excitements. You lose nothing, the experience guaranteed! Good luck.


Part II.: Attributes of the fighter

1. Health point (HP)
The HP is the character's most important attribute. Starting value is 60/100 but each time when a new level is achieved the maximum value of HP is increased by 12%
You can raise it by: - having  food or drink (increase is 10HP/day)
                - Visiting the doctor
                - Buying medicine packs from the shop

It will be decreased by: - having no food or drink (-10HP)
                   - a Fight
                   - not paying to the money lender(-50%)
                   - If you knock out yourself after a party. (-25)

2. Cheer (Mood, Feeling)
The value of your cheer shows your warrior's mood. The highest value is 100 (starting value is 80/100). If your cheer is over 90 you will cause bonus wounding during a fight.
You can raise it: - By using items from the shop (Football, Table Soccer 
                - If you win a fight
                - By succesfull dating(+5). Harcos Beach Party (+15)
                - With special ability

It will be decrased: - automatically with 5 on each day
                    - In case of losing a fight
                    - If you don't pay to the usurer/money lender(-50%)
                    - Unsuccesful dating (-1)

3. Fitness level / Condition
It indicates physical status of your character. Each time when a new level is achieved the maximum value is increased by 10. The value can be increased by exercise. Better condition increases your wounding capabilities

4. Weight
Your character's weight is important. The most ideal weight is 75-85 kg. The your weight is further from the ideal, the your wounding capability is decreased. Your weight can be decreased by exercise, by fasting ( -2/day) or increased by eating or drinking (1 kg/day of drink or food and 2kg/day by having both) or buying items from the shop.

5. Moxie / Strength
A zippy warrior is usually stronger in a fight. Get more moxie to strengthen your warrior! There are several opportunities during trainings. There are some warriors who are able to raise their moxie by their special abilities. Moxie can be obtained during a fight by special actions. There are 2% chance to get moxie during a fight. Entering into every second level your warrior gains +2 moxie.
It can be raised by special ability.
Moxie is affected by
-  Usurer: it increases borrowable money
- Bank: it decreases duration
- Casino: increases winnings
- Prison: increases ability for escaping

6. Respect
Even in the real life it is really important to respect our opponents, or our leaders. The value of your respect shows the respect level of your warriors by others. You can gain respect during a battle (similarly to moxie). Entering into every second level your warrior gains +2 respects.
-  Usurer: it increases repayment deadline
- Bank: it increases interests
- Casino: increases maximum bet
- Prison: decreases bail

7. Age
It shows your warrior's age. It isn't so relevant.

8. Experience (XP)
During the game you can grow up by obtaining experience points (XP). Each level can only be entered if a certain amount of XP is achieved. XP can be gained by fighting, robbery, working and dating. Acquirable value of XP depends on achieved level (obtainable XP is the lowest on the 1st level and the highest eg. on the 8th level). XP also increases your wounding ability.

9. Using weapons, weapon-skills
Your warrior can be extra strong or fast, if he is not bale to use his weapons then he has no chance to win! Every learnt weapon can be practiced on the field. Its maximum value raises by 5 entering every level. 1 skill= +0,075% critical chance, +0,15% crit wounding. (Crit= critical hit, that is 150% wounding)

10. Damage
Your wounding ability to decrease life force of your opponent depends on many things: type and wholeness of weapon , your XP, cheer, weight, level, type of your warrior, weapon skill and condition. Damage of your warrior cn be decreased by using shields (it can be bought in the shop).

11. Level
The game consists of 30 levels. The most important objective is to reach the 30th level. Achieving a certain amount XP allow the warrior to enter the next level. What to learn, to use weapon or drug depends on the entered level. The higher level the higher the chance for the successful robberies, the higher maximum bet in the casino, the more profitable jobs can be taken. No question about it, these things are really important.

12. Points
Basis of calculation: wins * 2 - losses. You can see it on the toplist.

13. Bucks
Name of the money is Bucks in this world. Similarly to the real life, impecuniousness is a curse, while richness is a boon. You can make Bucks by work, robbing, playing in the casino, using special ability or fighting. If you have too much Bucks, it can be spent in the shop, in the café, at the doctor, in the exercise room, in the field or for bail, etc.

14. Addiction / Dependence
Frequently used tonics result dependencies. The addictive you are the HP is decreased. Paying for tapering-off cure / detoxication reduces your addiction.

Part III.: Data

All weapons purchased in the shop stored here, you can check (by clicking on them) their wounding abilities, their rund-down levels and serviceableness.
VIP decal: The VIP fighters get a sticker that is affixed to their favorite weapon. This sticker cause +15% damage.

Ordering money / VIP
If don't have enough Bucks, but you want more, you can order Bucks by  sending a high-charged SMS. More information in the SMS/VIP topic.

Harcos beach party: You can have a party on the beach with your  friends. Happiness of your Fighter can be increased, but if you really knock yourself out, there will be consequences on the following day.

Dating: You can try yourself out daily, to see how successful you are with the chicks. This is free and if you succeed, +5 happiness will be your income. But you can do this just once a day. Monogamy is the most important!

Special abilities: Every class has a PASSIVE and an ACTIVE special ability. A passive ability is a characteristic, that can be used any time. Example: he can purchase items cheaper in store, can steal twice a day, etc. Active abilities can be used just once a day, and usually improve our power, or get more money.

If it happens that you can't pay attention to your fighters for a given period, you can send them to Vacation. They can stay there for as long as you like, but at least 3 days. You can't call them home before that.

Loading food/drink:
Fills your fridge up. It is fully free of charge.

There are 30 levels within the game. Levels and related XP necessities for entering are displayed here.

Items / Stuffs
Items, purchased in the shop, are stored on the shelf. Every type of items, no matter how many you have of them, can be used just once day. (Example: on a day you can only eat one chocolate, but you can still play foosball)

Restoratives / Tonics
Just like items, you can use strengthener. It's worth it to use them before battles, because they are effective only for a certain time frame. Here you can check your addictions status, and go to tapering-off cure. (detoxication)

Part IV.: Facilities

1. School
The real street fighter has to acquire 9 characteristics. These the:  attack, defence, small arms - cold steels - small weapon - long  weapon - explosive usage, dodging, blocking. You may learn a lesson  daily, but you learn it every day the one that you want, they are bound  to levels only. The attack and the acquisition of defence are needed  for all of the use of firearms, and it that be allowed to be about the  street. You may use the weapons with a type like that in a battle if  you learned a use of firearms.The deviation and blocking increase your  chance in that direction, that be allowed to deviate if you defend  yourself without a shield from before the hit, or block the bullets in  case of a firearm, maximum 10% with a chance.

2. Fight
This here most important, and according to me by way of many people  his most loved part. Their strength may be tested here the neveldén  reserved fighters. This not somebody else than an onto circles divided  adok-kapok style clash. The essence of the fight not only our fighter's  his own strength, since we ourselves select it what we base the defence  on, what we attack with, and we have to manoeuvre. We have to save the  attack is needed with dots, for us with what it may attack to find  one's way out adversary, that let us select an answering shield.If  somewhere else not too, here on us (too) the victory goes by!

The site of the fight: the street. We may see the rest of the fighters,  who stay on the street just, here being due to your present  challengers. We may challenge only a fighter to one, but we may have  more challengers. The fight may start if you found a suitable adversary  for yourself! The program raffles it randomly who which player starts the attack, and  who bases the defence on what in the first circle how. Let us put it up  that we start. Let us sow a glance first the battle onto space. We may  see ourselves above, our characteristics,entebb the adversary is.  Between us visible the factor, which shows it,, that the basis plunder  (200 scratches) how much he will be multiplied by, it függően with what  kind of falls the fight is going on. Beside it visible the plunder what  the winner may take home. Let us select a weapon with the help of the  arrows if the first circle is ours. You are 1 with 2 weapons we may  attack, our start is at a standstill. it X gets into a ground state on  all of them with a button, we may select the weapons for new one. Right  side we may assign it, which shield we shall protect ourselves with  how,, we will attack without a shield if one are not selected, we have  a chance to deviate at this time from before the attack, but if he does  not succeed we bolt the whole one down. The energy standing for the  provision is visible above the weapons. This value before all attacks  100, from this deduces the energy intended as the weapon.Our fighter  bases the defence on the residual one, using a shield the energy  remained his half (%) the adversary blocks it certainly his attack. For  example: If I select it, that I attack with a pistol (-50 energies, 50  are left yet), without second weapon, I select it the plastic shield  for defender device, then 37,5% wounding catches from the adversary's  attack (of course only then if he attacks with a weapon like that what  the given shield can defend). Only weapon like that with a combination  támadhatuk, for which it össz. the need of energy not bigger than the  100. we may not attack one in this manner for example two bazookával.  The circles are going till then while somebody does not go under 20  vitalities. At this timewe end the fights and kihírdetjük the result.  Important, that fight one of the fighters may not die, even how large  an wounding they are. We may fight again even after the announcements  of results, we may go to heal, but we may go home. To be mentioned yet,  that the program does not refresh it is necessary to do this  automatically, for us on the street, the refreshing with the help of a  button.

3. Casino
I believe it I do not say something new played here if I say it you may  win. But attention, you may lose it on all of them soon your money!  Because of the avoidance of the excessive passion for gambling a day  you may play with only 7 occasions, the tokens signal this!
Playable games:
Black Jack, Stake, CasinoWar

4. Robbery
Well, this an  alternative method of his for the money-making. Big money, inside short  time. Wonderful idea? Back not so plain. We may get caught during an  attempt with a big chance. A day we may make an attempt only 1 times.  We have an opportunity from a fighter to pillage and from a bank. It is  necessary to type in a fighter's name only, and the fun may start. It  may occur easily though that he catches us out and we may hurry.We may  make a choice in case of a bank robbery, which bank we undertake how  in. The chance of the plunder and the getting caught is proportional  directly naturally. We think it over, because if catch the safety ones  we may go then into the cooler.

5. Shop
The local shop is the level vein of the shopping. You may obtain  everything here. Weapons, medicines, shields, objects.

6. Café
Before a fight not shame to be ready for the test in a brain and a body  equally a little bit. You may buy health restorers differing for  yourself, which increase your reflexes, here, you are bigger wounding  cause. On the other hand these you have to reckon with their  aftereffect after his usage, and with the dependence what is caused.

7. Bank
The Fighterstreet his banking service most plain. Though not the fast moving to get money. You may hold it into safety here your  property, you may withdraw it any time, and pays off weekly. You may  not buy with the money in the bank, it may not be taken away from you  on the other hand. If you withdraw it your money from the bank, the  interest gets lost. The duration is over yet if you wait for it, then  your money you get to it together with an interest! If you withdraw it your money from the bank, the interest gets lost.  The duration is over yet if you wait for it, then your money you get to  it together with an interest!

8. Gym
Well, your fighter can be training here, collects the form dots here.  You do not have an other thing than to secrete the training program, to  pay the season ticket, and your fighter pushes the push-up already  cheerfully!

9. Shooting range
Everything you may practise what you learned in the school here. Every skill point you collect here increase your crtical chance.

10. Medic
After a bloodier battle worthy to visit here. You may choose from 2  opportunities: Your health will be a maximum under the first free  one, 2 days, you may not do something else till then on the other hand.  The other opportunity, that for money into an exchange gyúgyulsz up  onto a maximum. This is the emergency elátás. There is an opportunity  yet, the med offers for two to be clocks if we lost a battle tacks, and  we get back the half of our vitality free.

11. Job
One of these one roads of his onto the insurance of your living. Other  works appear in the fierce browser every day, with other other payment,  and with working hours. Your level függően you can take on the works,  taller one a work bringing in money better on a level. A day you may  work only one times, and you receive a couple of experiental dots if  you do a work.

12. Smith
At the time of all attacks our weapon 1%-ot gets injured, is used up.  Expedient to have them repaired, it dared skinned weapons wound less.  The repairing his price not only because of the measure of the injury,  but depends on the type of the weapon.


Part V.: Others

Level up
If you attain a certain experiental points then level you have to make a  step, you may settle this with a mouse click. You receive respect and  bravado at this time, and your maximum vitality increases 10%-kal. If  reach a certain tp number, then the szinta window making a step opens  automatically anywhere the fate sows!

If the safety ones are in our trace we have 3 electoral opportunities:  Or we try to grease them, and we live in hopes that they get off us, or  we may try to skedaddle, or success, or not, estleg we give ourselves  up and at this time only 2 days the punishment if you get into a prison  you may do exercise, or you may pay it off your bail! If catch, or he  does not manage to paint them, 3 days it is necessary to spend it in a  lockup. (we may escape even above certain bravado)

Easter Egg
An one like this appears in the given minute of all days, the given  clock somewhere: . Who finds this firstly, and clicks it, it may  blister the egg, and may take it away what there is in him. You may  count on him anywhere, may appear anywhere. Lucky research!

Forum regulation
On the side everything registered - not banned a user has the right to  be useful the forum, sending a messagefal and correspondence  opportunities. The usage of these functions is bound to rules, which  everything registered on the side, however and for the ones using the  above functions their duty to accept and to do the dirty, this right of  theirs which can be revoked any time without a preliminary warning even  on the contrary, even from the side can be banned. The regulation not  his knowledge exempts nobody from the consequences.The forum, sending a  messagefal and the rules of the usage of correspondence: the - the entry of a prohibited picture like that or a text, that:  slanderous, slanderous, prohibited symbol offending the human dignity  containing, alarm, threatening, obscene, vulgar, you are obscene  pornographic, including any communication, that lays the foundations  for criminal or civil right calling to account (you are a behaviour  leading to a result like this encourages his attestation) you are  anyway contravenes the law; b - inapposite for the audience of the side (particularly: political  and pictures with a religious content and texts), for the audience  meaningless, unreasonable, unnecessary, text without a message,  content, pictorial substance (spam); c - the rest of the users are aimed at his deception; d - personal data, a particularly phone number are contained; this - offends the copyright of any other person, his right being  connected with a trademark or an other intellectual creation; f - implies a virus or an other harmful element; g - serves a commercial aim, implies an advertisement or advertising,  incites other ones to the strain of a service, his stretching or grant; h - it jeopardizes the undisturbed function of a side on an other  manner; i - it offends an operator's interests on an other manner;

Part VI.: Impressum

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